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Specialties » Maternal/Gynecological/Neonatal Nursing (JP)

Maternal/Gynecological/Neonatal Nursing » Low Risk Neonatal Nursing (Code 8)


Applies to the Joint Process specialty areas as follows

Maternal Newborn nursing - Care of the Postpartum Mother and Newborn

Nursing Care in the Labor Delivery - prelabor through postpartum


Ballard scoring for gestational age
Behavioral assessment
Birth marks
Brazelton behavioral scale
Cleft lip and palate
Dietary supplements
Discharge planning
Eye prophylactic treatment
Head circumference
Hearing loss assessment
Heart sounds
Infection control
Kangaroo care
Laboratory test evaluation
Muscle tone assessment
Neonatal transition
Neuromuscular maturity scoring systems
Nutrition needs
Sensory assessment
Umbilical cord care
Umbilical cord physiology
Vitamin K administration