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Specialties » Maternal/Gynecological/Neonatal Nursing (JP)

Maternal/Gynecological/Neonatal Nursing » Physical Assessment,Physiology and Diagnostic and Laboratory Studies (Code 18)


Applies to the Joint Process specialty areas as follows

Women's Health Care 1 Ambulatory gynecologic nursing and prenatal education

Women's Health Care 2 Inpatient gynecologic nursing

Maternal Newborn nursing - Care of the Postpartum Mother and Newborn

Nursing Care in the Labor Delivery - prelabor through postpartum


Auscultation of fetal heart rate
Bilirubin metabolism
Breast anatomy and physiology
Breast biopsy
BUN and creatinine
Calcium metabolism
Caloric supplements
Complete blood counts
Gestational age assessment
Glucose metabolism
Glucose regulation in the neonate
Gynecologic anatomy and physiology
Health history
Hematocrit and hemoglobin
Inpatient gynecologic nursing
Labor physiology
Lipid profiles
Liver function studies
Maternal physiologic changes and associated lab values
Neonatal physiologic transition
Neurological assessment of the newborn
Physical assessment - all systems
Physical assessment of the newborn
Postpartum maternal physiologic changes
Pregnancy physiology
Renal metabolism
Testing for ruptured membranes
Thyroid studies
Wet mount