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Specialties » Maternal Newborn Nursing (MNN)

Maternal Newborn Nursing » Pregnancy, Birth Risk Factors and Complications (Maternal/Neonatal Factors Affecting Outcomes) (Code 1)


Pregnancy, Birth Risk Factors and Complications:
  • Antenatal Factors
  • Intrapartum Factors
  • Antepartum risk factors and complications


AIDS and HIV infections
Antepartal Factors
Biophysical profile
Cesarean birth
Drugs in antepartum & intrapartum period
Electronic fetal monitoring
Instrument assisted delivery
Intrapartal Factors
Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)
Lung maturation studies
Maternal diabetes
Maternal genetic markers
Maternal nutritional needs
Maternal physiologic changes and associated lab values
Medications used in labor and how they affect the fetus/neonate
Methods of delivery effects on the fetus/neonate
Multifetal/Multiple gestation risk to fetus/neonate
Nonstress test (NST)
Obstetric complications and their effect on the fetus/neonate
Placental problems effects on the fetus/neonate
Placental problems effects on the fetus/neonate
Preexisting conditions affecting the postpartum period
Preexisting maternal disease effects on the fetus/neonate
Prematurity effects on fetus/neonate