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Maternal Newborn Nurse » Postpartum Assessment and Management (Code 2)


Maternal Assessment and Management in the Postpartum Period (Delivery through Six Weeks)

  • Physiologic Changes and Laboratory Values
  • Nursing Care and Education
  • Common Postpartum Medications
  • Postoperative Care
  • Management of Common Problems including pharmacology
  • Patient Education for New Mother
  • Lactation and Newborn Feeding
  • Postpartum Complications



Antepartal Factors
Bladder distention
Bottle/formula feeding
Breast engorgement
Breast Infections
Breastfeeding complications
Breastfeeding techniques
Common postpartum problems
Composition of breast milk
Comprehensive postpartum health assessment
Contraception Advice
Contraindications to breast feeding
Cultural/life-style factors affecting family integration
Diabetes postpartum managemenet
Discharge planning
Drugs/medications - contraindications to breastfeeding
Employment and breastfeeding
Expressing and storing breast milk
Family Dynamics
Fatigue and sleep disturbances
Fundal height measurements
Inadequate milk supply
Insulin management postpartum
Intrapartal Factors
Lactation physiology
Lactation & Newborn Feeding
Lochia characteristics
Maternal Adaptation to Motherhood
Maternal vaccinations
Multiple gestation
Nipple problems
Nursing Care and Education
Nutrition advice
Parent education
Parental counseling and education
Perinatal grief
Perinatal loss
Perineal edema and pain
Perineal lacerations
Physiologic Changes and Physical Assessment
Plugged ducts
Postoperative care
Postpartum blues/depression
Postpartum Cardiac Complications
Postpartum complications
Postpartum depression/psychosis
Postpartum exercises
Postpartum GI complications
Postpartum headache
Postpartum Hematologic Complications
Postpartum Hemorrhage
Postpartum immunizations
Postpartum Management and Family Education
Postpartum management of hypertensive states
Postpartum Management of Obstetric Related Complications
Postpartum Medications
Postpartum Nursing Care and Education
Postpartum nutrition guidance
Postpartum Physiologic Changes & Laboratory Values
Postpartum Physiologic Changes and Physical Assessment
Postpartum respiratory complications
Psychological complications
Retained placenta fragments
Return of menses
Sibling responses and interventions
Urinary retention
Urinary tract infection
Uterine Infections
Uterine subinvolution
Vaginal lacerations
Wound infection