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Specialties » Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse (NIC)

Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse » General Assessment (Code 1)


General Assessment

  • Physical and Gestational Age Assessment
  • Maternal Factors Affecting Neonatal Outcomes
  • Risk Assessment
  • Thermoregulation
  • Fluids and Electrolytes
  • Nutrition and Feeding
  • Resuscitation
  • Oxygenation and Acid Homeostasis
  • Developmental Care
  • Discharge plan 
  • Grieving
  • X-ray review
  • Behavior assessment



Airway management
Alveolar-arterial oxygen gradient
Anticipatory grief
Auditory brainstem response testing
Auscultation techniques
Behavioral assessment
Biophysical profile
Blood gas interpretation
Brazelton examination
Breast milk
Calorie calculations
Calorie expenditure
Central line management
Chest tube care
Circadian rhythms
Comfort care
Cultural practice
Delivery room emergencies
Developmental care
Dietary supplements
Discharge planning and follow up
Effects of cesarean delivery
End of life care
Energy needs
Enteral feedings
Family Integration
Feeding problems
Feeding techniques
Fetal and Placental Development
Fluid & Electrolytes
Fluid and electrolyte management
Fluid calculations
Formula composition
Gestational Age
Gestational age assessment
Grief resolution
Heart sound evaluation
Heat Loss Mechanisms
High frequency ventilators
In utero drug exposure complications
In utero exposure to alcohol
Incubator management
Insensible water loss
Intrapartal Complications affecting the neonate
IV therapy
Kangaroo care
Lab tests and diagnostic studies
Lactation physiology
Maternal factors affecting the newborn
Maternal infant attachment
Mechanical ventilation
Mechanisms of heat loss
Monitoring devices
Muscle tone evaluation
Needle aspiration
Neonatal reflexes
Neonatal self regulatory behaviors
Neonatal transition to extrauterine life
Neurobehavioral development
Neurodevelopmental delay
Neurological assessment
Neutral thermal environment regulation
Newborn care
NICU Environmental Management
Noise reduction strategies
Nonstress testing
Normal growth and development
Nutrient requirements
Nutrition management
Obstetric complications affecting the newborn
Optimal positioning of the neonate
Oral feedings
Oxygenation and Homeostasis
Oxygenation disturbances
Pain assessment
Perinatal loss
Physical assessment
Physical Examination
Physiologic monitoring
Promoting sensory development
Resuscitation & Stabilization
Risk Assessment
Sleep states
Sleep wake patterns
Standard laboratory value interpretation
Supportive care
Total parenteral nutrition
Ventilator management