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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner » General/Physical Assessment (Code 1)


General/Physical  Assessment:

  • Maternal History & Factors Affecting the Newborn (Antepartum/Intrapartum)
  • Neonatal Physical Examination
  • Gestational Age/Behavioral Assessment
  • Diagnostic Procedures & Laboratory Evaluation
  • Techniques and Equipment





Abnormal findings
Apgar scoring
Apnea monitors
Auditory brainstem response testing
Auscultation techniques
Autonomic control and responses
Bag and mask ventilation
Behavioral assessment
Biophysical profile
Brazelton examination
Cerebrospinal fluid analysis
Chest x-ray interpretation
Clinical laboratory tests
Clotting studies
Delivery room emergencies
Developmental care, assessment and outcomes
Diagnostic imaging
Diagnostic Procedures
Diagnostic studies
ECG findings and interpretation
Echocardiogram evaluation
EEG evaluation
Effects of cesarean delivery
Fetal Assessment
Fetal Heart Rate Patterns
Fetal Procedures
Gestational age assessment
Heart sound evaluation
In utero exposure to alcohol
Intrauterine drug exposure
Intrauterine growth restriction
Maternal factors affecting the newborn
Maternal medications affecting the newborn
Monitoring devices
Muscle tone evaluation
Neonatal reflexes
Neurodevelopmental care
Neurodevelopmental disabilities
Neurological assessment
Neurosensory capabilities
Newborn care
Nonstress testing
Normal variants
Obstetric complications affecting the newborn
Pain assessment
Pain management
Palliative care
Physical assessment
Physical Examination
Physiologic monitoring
Pulse oximetry
Rupture of Membranes
Shunt studies
Sleep states
Sleep wake patterns
X-ray interpretation of neonatal disease