NCC Remembers Warren H. Pearse, MD November 23, 2015

It is with sadness that the leadership of NCC received word recently of the death of Warren H. Pearse, M.D.  We wish to extend our condolences to Dr. Pearse’s family and friends along with our profound gratitude for his efforts in creating NCC as part of his professional mission in life.

Dr. Pearse, as a long-time Executive Director of the ACOG, was instrumental in leading it to its location and influence in Washington, DC and in federal health care legislation seeking improvement in the health in women and their children.

Among his many leadership and supportive roles in bettering health care for women and infants, he was instrumental in the creation and inspiration of the foundation of NCC.  Dr. Pearse was a member of our founding Board of Directors and continued to serve on the expanded Board for a period of years.  His service on the Board provided much needed and appreciated guidance and support to NCC during its formative years.  Thanks in large part to his early, unwavering support, NCC has grown into a successful organization supporting the improvement of women’s health - the ever central mission of Dr. Pearse.

NCC’s history clearly remembers Dr. Pearse. His legacy is reflected in the confidence he always expressed about the ultimate success and growth that NCC attained.  It can truly be said that if NCC is the grandchild of ACOG/NAACOG as Dr. Pearse was there for the birth and the essential early nurturing of its infancy.

May peace be with you Dr. Pearse in the acknowledgement that your mission was a success.


ACOG Mourns the Passing of Warren H. Pearse, MD