The Alternate Certification Program (ACP) for Nurse Practitioners October 3, 2016

Chicago, IL – September 2016 – The National Certification Corporation (NCC) is pleased to announce The Alternate Certification Program (ACP) for Neonatal Nurse Practitioners and Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioners.

The program was developed for Neonatal or Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioners who have graduate degrees in the role and scope but do not currently meet eligibility for certification. NCC developed the ACP as an alternate pathway to certification for Neonatal Nurse Practitioners and Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioners who began their career prior to the need for a national certification to practice, allowed their certification to lapse or worked in a state that did not require certification. It applies to working nurse practitioners that hold a graduate degree in the role (NP) and scope (Neonatal or Women’s Health) but graduated over 8 years ago. If this applies to you, review the eligibility criteria for the Alternate Certification Program (ACP). This pathway encompasses validation of educational preparation, NP licensure, compliance with certain practice requirements and prescriptive authority.

The Alternate Certification Program requirements are rigorous. Candidates must complete educational requirements that consist of a series of physical assessment and pathophysiology tests followed by the Continuing Competency Assessment (CCA) and corresponding CE modules determined by the CCA educational plan. Every segment of the program has an online test that must be passed before progressing to the next step. All of the educational tests must be completed successfully before the APRN will be eligible to sit for their NCC national board certification exam, which is the final step in the ACP program.

This comprehensive and evaluative program will be utilized to demonstrate education equivalency to current eligibility requirements for certification for graduate prepared APRNs.

Visit and click the Alternate Certification Program (ACP) banner for complete details.

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