NCC congratulates the first NPs to complete the Alternate Certification Program! March 31, 2017

NCC developed the Alternate Certification Program (ACP) as an alternate pathway to certification for NNPs and WHNPs who began their career prior to the need for a national certification to practice, allowed their certification to lapse or worked in a state that did not require certification.

NCC would like to share their experiences:

Elizabeth Evans, WHNP-BC - after more than 26 years as a practicing WHNP in Oregon, Elizabeth needed a license to practice in Washington. She was scheduled to appear before with a Health Law Judge to request a Washington license without certification, when she found out about NCC’s Alternate Certification Program.

Elizabeth found the suggested review material to be very helpful and was able to target her studies to her “rusty” areas. She experienced a few issues with website programming (since resolved), but considers the ACP a positive experience and was able to complete the program in two months.

Anna Webster, WHNP- BC - although educated and mostly practicing as a WHNP for the last 13 years, Anna had not thought she would need a WHNP certification, as she was already a Certified Nurse Midwife. When she decided to focus more on GYN/Reproductive health work and less on catching babies, Anna quickly figured out that many potential employers required a WHNP certification.

Anna found the overall process very easy and smooth and was especially pleased that the CE modules included linked articles and that all of the costs for the program were included in the registration fee. She found that her experience and clinical practice prepared her well for the exam and did not study beyond completing the required CE modules. Anna was able to complete the program in three months.

The Alternate Certification Program is broken into two sections.

Part 1      Educational assessment
Part 2      NCC examination for board certification

The first part of the program consists of a series of study modules, competency assessments and CE modules. Every segment of the program has an online test that must be passed before progressing to the next task. Individuals who successfully complete Part 1 of the Alternate Certification Program, will be eligible to sit for their NCC board certification examination.

Timeframe:  NPs have six months to complete the ACP – time will not be extended!

The Alternate Certification Program requirements are stringent. Please make sure that all eligibility requirements can be met and that you have the time to commit to the program. There are no extensions, exceptions or refunds for the Alternate Certification Program. 

To learn more about the Alternate Certification Program, click here.