Your Baby Communicates – National PSA Campaign - Update! March 29, 2018

The PSA campaign “Your Baby Communicates”, is being broadcast on major TV and cable markets across the country. It has already generated 18 million audience impressions in its first two months of broadcast and is now expected to go over its original projection of 100 million audience impressions. 

If you have not yet seen it on live TV - click the links below.

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This national PSA campaign will include Broadcast and Cable TV in major designated market areas across the country and is expected to generate more than 60 million impressions.

This PSA was created to inform the public about Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM) and how it is used throughout prenatal care and during labor to monitor the baby. While the mother can talk to her health care team, Electronic Fetal Monitoring is the voice of the baby.

The message: Your baby communicates, and your certified EFM healthcare team understands, because they all speak the same language.

NCC created the “Your Baby Communicates” PSA to highlight the advantages of certification in Electronic Fetal Monitoring. Describing how healthcare professionals who are nationally certified in EFM understand what the baby is communicating by using their specialty knowledge to assess the fetal condition - especially during labor. They work effectively as a team, using a systematic approach to identify and manage clinical situations, caring for two patients at one time.

Having Electronic Fetal Monitoring certification from NCC promotes effective communication and collaboration amongst the different roles team members may have.
-- David McLean, MD, MPH, FACOG, C-EFM
   Member, NCC Board of Directors

Did you know...

There are over 25,000 Electronic Fetal Monitoring professionals nationally certified by NCC who
• are clinical experts - dedicated to providing quality, evidenced-based clinical care
• meet and exceed nationally recognized standards of proficiency and professionalism
• are committed to life-long learning, patient advocacy and professional practice
• maintain their specialty knowledge through specialized continuing education
• are advocates for continuing competency in an increasingly complex healthcare environment

NCC is the only nationally accredited certification available for Electronic Fetal Monitoring. In addition to the over 25,000 nationally certified EFM professionals, there are over 92,000 NCC certified health care professionals in the obstetric, neonatal and women's health care specialties. NCC supports the commitment and expertise of certified healthcare professionals and has engaged in several public awareness campaigns to bring much deserved recognition to professional certification.  (

Please use the YouTube link to share this PSA on your website or via social media. If you would like a broadcast quality copy of “Your Baby Communicates”, email with your request.