Sneak peek at some of the NCC projects and plans for 2018 September 1, 2017

New and Revised Certification Exams

Low Risk Neonatal Nursing Certification Exam is moving to a Level II
NCC volunteer Content Teams review exam competencies and content on a yearly basis. Keeping exams current, relevant and true to their specialties.

Based on the recommendations from the Low Risk Neonatal (LRN) Content Team and the content validation studies done with those certified in LRN, the NCC Board of Directors voted to change the focus of the Low Risk Neonatal certification exam to Level II Care of the Neonate, moving it away from its original newborn/mother-baby focus. It was found that over 95% of nursing taking the LRN are working in level II Neonatal Units. 2017 has been a busy year for the LRN team as they reviewed, revised and wrote the questions needed to insure a focus on Level II Care of the Neonate. The new exam criteria and competencies will be implemented January of 2018. If you are already certified in Low Risk Neonatal Nursing, you will have more continuing education opportunities geared towards Level II care.

New Quality and Safety Certification Exam
NCC is developing a NEW multidisciplinary Quality and Safety certification exam for professionals working in obstetric and neonatal care units. Quality and Safety crosses all disciplines. This new exam will address QI broadly and then focus on neonatal and obstetrics for application questions. 

Demonstrating competencies in Principles of Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Communication, Reduction in Patient Errors and more - this exam will be implement in Late 2018.

Antepartum Nursing Certification
NCC is also considering a new Antepartum Nursing Certification.  With survey work and focus groups done the NCC board is considering moving forward with a new Antepartum exam.  More to come in 2018. 

New and Updated Publications

Neonatal Imaging with over 200 annotated images  
This new Neonatal Imaging book discusses the Chest, Abdomen, Head and Renal System. Each section includes: Technique, Positioning and detailed Pathology. This book has over 200 annotated images and illustrations. It also instructs on Lines & Tubes and Artifacts. The publication concludes with 20 case challenges covering all of the listed systems. This publication will be a resource to nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, respiratory therapists and house staff working in neonatal units.  From novice to expert it supports the provider to review imaging studies. 

NCC is excited to o¬ffer this new publication that will be available in both print and ebook formats. We believe the book will be a huge resource to providers. The publication is scheduled for release at the end of the 2017. Sign up for a release notifi¬cation and receive a discount! Visit the web link below and tell us your name and email address. When the publication is released, we will email you an “early bird” discount code.

Golden Hours: Care of the Very Low Birth Weight Infant, 2nd ed.
Representing expertise from specialists from around the country, Golden Hours: Care of the Very Low Birth Weight Infant is a comprehensive guide that can help you change the outcome for an at-risk infant.

The 2nd edition incorporates the new guidelines NRP guidelines (Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation 7th Ed, AAP), along with other significant content updates. New chapters include “The Critical Golden Hours for VLBW Infants”. “Procedures for Care and Management in the Delivery Room” and “Delayed Cord Clamping in the Premature Infant”.

Look for the 2nd edition mid-2018.