LRN exam now meets the needs of Level II Neonatal ICU nurses January 5, 2018

Low Risk Neonatal Nursing Certification Exam focuses on the Care of the Level II Neonate.

NCC volunteer Content Teams review exam competencies and content on a yearly basis. Keeping exams current, relevant and true to their specialties.

Based on the recommendations from the Low Risk Neonatal (LRN) Content Team and the content validation studies done with those certified in LRN, the focus of the Low Risk Neonatal certification exam now encompasses more Level II Care of the Neonate, than its original focus of normal newborn management and risk assessment. It was found that the majority of those taking the LRN are working in level II Neonatal Units. 

You can view the changes to the LRN examination’s content focus in the LRN Candide Guide found on the NCC website.