NCC CE Modules – New Releases and Winter Top Sellers! January 31, 2019

Using professional conferences to earn CE can be time-consuming and expensive. CE from NCC offers affordable continuing education that can be earned in the warmth and comfort of your own home. 

Purchase and complete CE modules from, 24/7. Passing modules are automatically entered into your NCC maintenance application. CE from NCC is a time-saving and convenient resource!

NCC continuing education modules are offered in a wide range of topics and contact hours. With costs ranging from $15 for 3 hours to $39 for 15 hours, CE from NCC is an affordable and valuable resource!

WB2007 Evidence-Based Labor and Delivery Management
WB2009 Pharmacologic Support for Select Neonatal Disorders
WB2011 Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
WB2014 Immediate Postpartum Care and Beyond
WB2015 Sexually Transmitted Infections
WB2016 Skin Physiology, Assessment and Skin Cancer Screening
WB2017 Urinary Tract Infections
WB2019 Quality and Safety in Labor and Delivery
WB2022 Diabetes in Pregnancy
WB2024 Common Problems in Primary Care
WB2048 Pharmacology: Special Populations
WB2052 HPV Vaccine

Available in the convenient and discounted CE bundle and as individual modules.
NX2101 Neonatal Imaging and the Neonatal Chest
NX2102 The Neonatal Abdomen
NX2103 The Neonatal Head
NX2104 The Neonatal Urinary Tract
NX2105 Neonatal Imaging Case Challenges

TOP 10 SELLING MODULES – these are the CE modules that your peers feel are most important to their practice.
WB1923 Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Tracings and NICHD Nomenclature
WB1909 Common Neonatal Conditions
WB1901 The Compromised Fetus
WB1915 Neonatal Transition-Events Expected & Unexpected
WB2050 Preeclampsia, Eclampsia and other Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy
WB1910 ANA Code of Nursing Ethics
WB1903 Evaluation & Care of the Term Newborn
WB2003 Simulation Enhancing Nursing Education & Practice
WB1926 Postpartum Complications: Attention to Warning Signs
WB1905 Neonatal Resuscitation Update

If you hold a CORE certification… Remember to take the specialty assessment - before earning CE! - make sure any CE planned for NCC maintenance is appropriate for your education plan!

Share these resources with your colleagues!  You don’t have to be NCC certified to use NCC CE modules.