Checking in with NCC Board Member Cynthia Weiss, RNC-NIC June 18, 2018

NCC is honored to have the knowledge, expertise and support of well-educated, committed and passionate individuals serving as Directors on our Board. They are advocates for professionalism and we would like to share some of their experiences.

Not all who wander are lost…

Cyndi Weiss, RNC-NIC your staff nurse representative on NCC’s Board of Directors has held certification since 1986. She has 35 years-experience in NICU’s large and small across the country. Cyndi is a past board member and secretary/treasurer for NANN, and has participated in multiple committees and projects. She has spoken on the value of professional membership and about her experiences teaching NRP in rural Sichuan, China.

Cyndi has continued her quest for adventure and new experiences by working as a Travel RNC for the last 5 years. As of this posting, she is working in a NICU in Northwest Idaho and would like to share some of her experiences.

“I enjoy the challenge, the freedom and the journey that each new assignment brings. New places, new faces… The first day of each assignment is full of promise and wonder, and that is invigorating and exciting to me. I have come to appreciate that we all face the same issues in our practice, but how we deal with those problems can be very diverse. I get to enhance my skills and practice by embracing the best of their practice into my own. In turn, I also get to share what I have seen and experienced in other places. As long as you maintain the core values of what makes a nurse great – flexibility, adaptability, tolerance and acceptance, people are willing to share their thoughts and experiences… and will be open to yours.”

“People often ask me where my favorite place to work or travel has been. The honest answer is - everywhere I have been. Each NICU I have worked at has taught me things about my professional self that make me a better colleague and practitioner. Every locale has its own unique style, culture, places and people to discover and enjoy. “

“To paraphrase a favorite quote from a place I visited in China, my experiences as a travel nurse has “widened the eyes and broadened the mind”.  And despite the time on the road, away from my home and family, I am richer for the experience.

Thank you Cyndi for sharing your experience and expertise with NCC.