The NCC publication Golden Hours, 2nd Edition - Available this Fall June 28, 2018

The National Certification Corporation (NCC) is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of the Second Edition of Golden Hours: Care of the Very Low Birth Weight Neonate ISBN 978-0-9890198-4-2. This second edition has been re-organized to provide the reader better transitions between subject matter. This edition has also been expanded with several new chapters, including “Procedures for Care and Management in the Delivery Room” and “Umbilical Cord Clamping and Transition at Birth”.

Time is of the essence when dealing with the Golden Hours, that short window to intervene on behalf of a very low birth weight infant. Representing the expertise of specialists from around the country (and world), Golden Hours: Care of the Very Low Birth Weight Neonate, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive guide that that was created to assist health care providers to have real impact on the short- and long-term outcomes of VLBW neonates.

Find information quickly – each chapter is organized in an easy-to-follow, outline format for rapid review. This publication is not just a guide to care, but a handbook with tools and resources to aid providers caring for neonates

Explore topics of great interest to the neonatal care team – airway management, cardiac support, thermoregulation, respiratory diseases, pulmonary emergencies, hypoglycemia, sepsis, congenital anomalies, communications, ethical dilemmas, and many others.

Provide best-case outcomes with Golden Hours: Care of the Very Low Birth Weight Neonate, 2nd Edition. This indispensable resource includes full-color illustrations, quick reference charts, tables, and algorithms that accelerate reference and learning. It is a practical, clinical guide for the NICU.

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