You may have received a survey request from us… September 28, 2018

NCC would like to thank everyone who participated in one or more of the Content Validation/Job Analysis surveys that were conducted this summer. Each survey was created to gain insights into the tasks and knowledge base needed to provide different types of care. The information collected will be used to develop the content outlines and examination specifications for the below certifications, which are scheduled to be available in mid-2019. If you have an interest in one of these new certifications, please email to be placed on the early notification list.

  Care of the Extremely Low Birthweight Neonate (C-ELBW) 
  Neonatal Neuro-Intensive Care and Monitoring (C-NNICM)
  Obstetric and Neonatal Quality and Safety (C-ONQS)

If you are a Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner and have not done so already – check your email for the 2018 NPWH WHNP Workforce Demographics and Compensation Survey created by Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health (NPWH). 

This survey is available until October 12 and will be used to gather compensation, benefit and demographic data specific to the WHNP population. The report generated by this survey will be available to stakeholders through a variety of venues. If you want to see salary compensation and understand the role of WHNPs nationally, then take the survey and help us gain the needed data.