NCC Website login is just a bit different than you are used to! November 29, 2018

While the “look” of the website may not appear much different, there are many increased navigation features and new processes.

You must sign in to access your NCC account using your email and password. Passwords have not changed and are the same as the previous website. If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link. You can request an email change or a password reset at the sign in portal.

If your email has changed, you must sign in with your previous email and then you can update this information in your profile. You will no longer be able to sign in to the NCC website using your NCC ID number.

The main change is that your account is now the repository of all your information and provides direct gateways to all NCC offerings. 

At the top of the account, there will be friendly reminders when your certification is due, if you haven’t taken your assessment, your NCC CE module is expiring, among others.

Your account will list
• Your profile – Summary of your contact information
• Your certifications – Due dates, ID cards and certificates
• Certification Maintenance Related Items
• Access to your Continuing Competency Assessment and Education Plans
• Access to Untaken CE Modules (Modules and Tests)
• Major Other Purchases of Services or Products

On the right hand column of the NCC account page, you will see further links to other information related to you. These may include:
• Order History
• Education Plans
• Modules and Tests
• CE History (Completed CE)
• Email History
• Volunteer opportunities
• Bulk exam purchases
• Hospital CE packages
• Additional Submissions

All email communication will take place in your account. Email to us remains the same by using Contact Us on the home page of the NCC website. However, once an email is started, further contact from you about the same matter and any response from NCC will occur from your Email section of your NCC website account. All email from you and responded to by NCC will be recorded in your account. All reminders and information emails will also remain in the Email section in your NCC website account for your reference at any time.

The 5 CE hours credited to you for taking the assessment will no longer be applied automatically once the last five open hours are remaining in the plan. The 5 hours will be a line item in the plan that you can apply to any code in your education plan. With this change, you will see that the total hours will increase by 5 hours because the 5 hours will be deducted when you code the entry rather than being deducted upfront. So your total CE hour commitment will be the total hours listed minus 5 hours. (Previous site had the highest number of hours as 45 because the 5 hours were already deducted. The new site will have 50 and the 5 will be deducted when you apply them to a code)

You will have to upload a copy of your license to your profile. This change is in response to new standards that NCC is required to meet to maintain national accreditation. So be prepared to do this when you are planning to maintain or you can do this ahead of time whenever it is convenient. Please note: you can go in and update your maintenance application any time during your maintenance cycle.

If you are making a name change, you will need to upload supporting documentation of that change.

NCC CE Module selection will become easier. As long as you sign in to the website, only modules for your certification will appear on the browse module page. There will be a link at the top of the page for your specific certification, e.g. browse NNP modules and when you select it, all modules for that certification by specialty code will appear.


You will find your completed modules and other earned and completed CE and certificates in the CE history link on the right in your account.

The TAKE ASSESSMENT link on the home page has been moved to right hand column. You can also access the assessment from your personal NCC website account.

There are lots of new products and services and we encourage you to visit the new NCC website now. Become familiar with the changes before you have a major action to take. New always takes time to get used to, but we believe the new website will be more useful to you as you fulfill your certification responsibilities.

Come visit the new NCC website soon!