Tell your Colleagues about NCC Preview Tests! March 29, 2020

Do you have colleagues that have discussed certification, but have not yet taken the steps to make it happen? Give them some encouragement and tell them about NCC’s new preview tests!

Specifically created for those contemplating certification, NCC preview tests provide familiarity with the testing format and the nature of questions asked on a NCC certification examination.

Each preview test is like a mini NCC exam, providing 30 questions covering the content areas that will be tested on the actual NCC certification examination.

The preview test is not intended as an exam preparation course. They are designed for those who would like to see the look and feel of NCC certification and to help assess their readiness to seek certification. NCC preview tests offer an excellent way to experience part of the NCC certification testing process for the cost of only $35!

Click to see the listing of preview test available by specialty.