Free to Faculty! Create course bundles customized to your curriculum using NCC CE modules. March 30, 2020

NCC online CE can be easily organized into course bundles aligned with your curriculum and customized to the needs of your students.

NCC custom course bundles are easy to create, convenient for your students and provide real time monitoring of their progress. By signing into your NCC account, you will be able to see when students purchase your course bundle, when they complete each module and you can review their test results.

Browse NCC CE modules by specialty category and review their objectives and content outline. After you have completed your custom course bundle, a unique course code will be created for you to share with your students.

This program is free to faculty! The cost to your students is calculated as you add CE modules into your course bundle. You can make multiple smaller bundles or create just one – whatever is most convenient for your program.

Visit the Faculty, Students, State Boards & Volunteers tab at
and click “create a course” to get started.