Spotlight on NCC's new Inpatient Antepartum Nursing exam! November 22, 2022

The first national antepartum examination for nurses!

Inpatient Antepartum Nursing (RNC-IAP)

This core nursing certification is for nursing professionals that work in antepartum units providing care to pregnant women – before the baby is delivered. This new exam will test the specialty knowledge needed to care for women with pregnancy complications that cannot be managed on an outpatient basis. Demonstrate your advanced knowledge of antepartum care with NCC's new RNC-IAP certification!

Be one of the first in your unit to earn this new certification.
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A Preview Test is now available!
This preview test will help you assess your readiness for RNC-IAP certification. This preview test will familiarize you with the exam format and the questions cover the same content areas as the actual exam.

NCCA accreditation application is pending. The submission date is dependent on the number of test takers.