NCC CE Modules – New Releases and Peer Favorites March 1, 2020

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WB2136 Electronic Fetal Monitoring: Assess and Manage
WB2004 Issues in Electronic Fetal Monitoring
WB2107 Teamwork and Patient Safety
WB2123 Late Preterm Infants
WB2106 Pain of Childbirth and Its Effects on the Mother and Fetus
WB2020 Life Threatening Conditions in Obstetrics
WB2050 Preeclampsia, Eclampsia and other Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy
WB2002 Matters of the Neonatal Heart
WB2103 Labor and Vaginal Delivery
WB2014 Immediate Postpartum Care and Beyond
WB2028 Antepartum Testing
WB2104 Postdelivery Emergencies

WB2016 Skin Physiology, Assessment and Skin Cancer Screening
WB2017 Urinary Tract Infections
WB2019 Quality and Safety in Labor and Delivery
WB2021 The Compromised Pregnancy
WB2022 Diabetes in Pregnancy
WB2023 Infections in Pregnancy
WB2024 Common Problems in Primary Care
WB2025 Antidepressant Therapy
WB2027 Overview of Acute Neonatal Kidney Injury
WB2032 Male & Female Infertility
WB2033 Women's Health Pharmacology
WB2034 PrEP HIV Prophylaxis
WB2035 Normal and Abnormal Breast Physiology
WB2048 Pharmacology: Special Populations
WB2052 HPV Vaccine
WB2125 Common Menstrual Irregularities
WB2126 Challenges in Managing Low Back Pain
WB2130 Pelvic Pain in Women
WB2131 Menopause Transition
WB2132 Special Concerns for Women with Gynecologic Cancer
WB2138 Double Trouble-Neonatal Sepsis & Shock
WB2139 Prenatal Alcohol Exposure-Fetal & Neonatal Impact
WB2140 Neonatal Resuscitation As Emerging Science
WB2141 Pediatric Transport Potpourri
WB2142 What Do You Know About NCC Core Certification Maintenance Program
WB2144 Physiology of Puberty
WB2145 Menstrual Cycle Through the Life Span
WB2150 Application of Amplified-Integrated EEG in Neonates
WB2215 Parturition Physiology
WB2216 Chronic Pain & The Opioid Epidemic

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