Calling for Neonatal Professionals who care for the “Smallest and the Sickest” September 1, 2019

NCC created two new subspecialty certifications for neonatal professionals who care for extremely vulnerable neonates.

  • Care of the Extremely Low Birth Weight Neonate (C-ELBW)
  • Neonatal Neuro-Intensive Care (C-NNIC)

Special Phase I Introductory Registration is available now through October 31, 2019.

It is to your advantage* to be one of the first neonatal professionals to register for one of these new multidisciplinary certifications.

*Individuals who take the first test will get the "Benefit of doubt" when determining their pass/fail status. Since new exams have no statistical history, any question that does not meet psychometric standards will be deleted from scoring and will not count toward an individual’s score.

NCC is providing a “Second Chance Free” promotion for those who register during the introductory phase of these tests.

If you fail to pass, you will be able you to retake the exam for free after these exams are released again to the general population in March of 2020.

Details available at

If you are attending the 2019 ANN or NANN fall conferences - come see NCC.
Learn more about these exams, discuss professional practice and remember to pick up your “Caring for the Smallest and Sickest” button.