CE bundles for Golden Hour and Neonatal Imaging book chapters! January 1, 2021

NCC organized the book chapter CE modules created from Neonatal Imaging and Golden Hours: Care of the Very Low Birth Weight Neonate, 2nd Edition into convenient and cost-saving bundles.

Golden Hour bundles are specialty-specific and organized to provide CE covering multiple maintenance codes. The Neonatal Imaging bundle covers the entire book. These discounted CE bundles offer both cost savings and convenience.

You can access these unique modules without purchasing the books, each book chapter CE module includes the chapter as a printable PDF. (Hard copies of the publications are not included.)

To access these new CE modules, click here or visit NCCwebsite.org/continuing-education and scroll down to "CE Convenience Packages for NCC Books". You can review specialty codes, module objectives, and content outlines for each module.

For more information on NCC CE modules and how they work - review the “Things to know before you purchase” section.

Interested in one of the books, but not the CE? Visit NCC’s Bookshelf to learn more.