Attending AWHONN’s Virtual Conference? Have Coffee with NCC… October 5, 2020

NCC is participating in the Hot Coffee Chat Roundtables on Monday, Nov 2nd from 8:30-9:30 am., look for our logo!

Take a few moments to stop in a chat with NCC about resources and opportunities, including continuing education, certification, and volunteerism on the national level.

Certifications for all levels of perinatal care! NCC certifications validate the specialty expertise of health care professionals who care for some of the most vulnerable patients in the health care system – expecting mothers and neonates.

NCC CE modules are available anytime and anywhere it is convenient for you. They are conveniently coded to core competencies and automatically posted to your NCC maintenance application.

NCC has the largest population of certified professionals providing inpatient obstetric and neonatal care. If you are not already certified by NCC… isn’t it time you joined your peers?

If you plan to use AWHONN conference CE for NCC maintenance:

AWHONN sessions have been reviewed and coded for maintenance by NCC. The NCC CE specialty codes are published in the conference brochure and available on the conference website. Use the provided coding to choose the continuing education appropriate for your NCC maintenance.

Check your education plan! It will help you decide what sessions are best suited for your professional development. Your education plan shows what specialty content areas needs CE hours to maintain your NCC certification. Only CE that is earned in the areas defined by your education plan can be used for NCC maintenance.

If you do not have an education plan - take your assessment. A continuing competency assessment is needed for each NCC maintenance cycle. The assessment generates your educational plan and defines the CE needed for your current maintenance cycle. Only CE earned after the assessment can be used to maintain.

AWHONN’s 2020 Virtual Convention will include opportunities to reflect and discuss the emerging and relevant topics in our field, including sessions, keynotes, and space to link up with sponsors, exhibitors, and educators.

Click here to learn more about the 2020 AWHONN Convention – starting November 1, 2020.