Spotlight on NCC’s Care of the Extremely Low Birth Weight Neonate Certification December 14, 2020

The Care of the Extremely Low Birth Weight Neonate (C-ELBW) multidisciplinary certification focuses on the knowledge needed to provide care to acutely and critically ill extremely low birth weight neonates and their families within an intensive care environment.

This multidisciplinary certification was created for neonatal professionals who identify life-threatening conditions in the ELBW neonate and initiate appropriate early intervention and individualized plans of care, understand the vulnerabilities and specialized needs of the ELBW neonate across the continuum, and focus on strategies to reduce risk and optimize outcomes.

This exam encompasses the knowledge needed to care for, assess, and manage these vulnerable neonates such as developmental care, pathophysiologic states, psychosocial behavioral states, and ethical issues.

View the complete content for the Care of the Extremely Low Birth Weight Neonate certification in the C-ELBW Candidate Guide.

A multidisciplinary certification for neonatal professionals who are… caring for the smallest and the sickest