Did you get our new 2021 FREE CE module – COVID in the Maternal Newborn Population? September 30, 2021

NCC developed a new CE module for 2021 on Coronavirus in the Maternal Newborn Population. This CE module is FREE to all health care providers regardless of NCC certification status. Module completion provides 5 CE/CNE that may be used to meet licensure or certification maintenance needs. This CE module is appropriate for all health care providers working with expecting mothers and/or newborns and all active and legacy NCC certifications (core or subspecialty).

Free CE - Coronavirus in the Maternal Newborn Population

CE from NCC offers affordable and convenient open-book online learning for Neonatal, Obstetric and Women’s Health Care professionals. Some of September's most popular modules are listed below.

TOP SELLING CE MODULESthese are the CE modules that your peers feel are most important to their practice.
WB2136 Electronic Fetal Monitoring: Assess and Manage
WB2203 The Woman in Labor
WB2107 Teamwork and Patient Safety
WB2123 Late Preterm Infants
WB2223 Intrapartum Emergencies
WB2151 Highlights of the Newborn Physical Exam-From Birth to Early Infancy
WB2301 EFM Monograph Fetal Assessment and Safe Labor Management
GH0322 Fetal Assessment
WB2115 Lactation Physiology and Breastfeeding Management
WB2245 Birth Injuries In Newborns
WB2250 Vital Points About Neonatal Vital Signs
WB2117 Pregnancy Pharmacology
WB2262 Neonatal Resuscitation Revisited
WB2205 Hypoxic-Ischemic Injury in Term Neonates
WB2104 Postdelivery Emergencies
WB2152 Neonatal Hypoglycemia-An Updated Glimpse

Share these resources with your colleagues!  You do not have to be NCC certified to use NCC CE modules.