NCC CERTIFIED share their experiences! September 20, 2021

Dolores Flanagan RNC-OB, C-EFM, C-ONQS

I responded to an interesting thread in the AWHONN listserv. Someone reached out to ask for advice on how to prepare for the C-ONQS exam and someone responded with a one-liner that “NCC modules were helpful, but [she] didn't love having to pay for them.” I really wanted to address and counter that statement.

I find NCC modules to be an incredibly great value for the cost - they are so well done not only just to maintain certification or prepare for an exam. I often recommend them to staff nurses as a way to keep their practice updated or benchmark their "this is the way we have always done it here" knowledge base against evidence-based practice and high-quality research. 

Keep up the good work, NCC!

Dolores Flanagan’s response to thread on C-ONQS Study Materials
These NCC modules are relevant to the materials on the exam 
•    WB2219 Approaches Supportive of Perinatal Patient Safety
•    WB2220 Focus on Neonatal Quality, Safety and Evidence-Based Care
•    WB2302 Focus on Tools for Health Care Quality Improvement

The IHI Open School modules are also helpful, the Model for Improvement and the tools such as FMEA, FFA, RCA, Fishbone, etc are all covered in the exam. I took it a year ago already, but I recall questions about when to use which tools.

With respect to the cost of paying for the NCC modules, I’ve consistently found that NCC delivers great value in their CE module offerings.

Your institution may offer free access to the IHI Open School modules.

Good luck! I enjoyed the testing as a way to demonstrate my knowledge and familiarity with this important aspect of our work.

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