NCC's Continuing Competency Initiative Continues June 22, 2012

This week, the number of certified nurses and nurse practitioners participating in NCC's new Continuing Competency Program will reach 35,000.

This innovative program individualizes maintaining certification based on a 125 question assessment tool that is keyed to each individual's core specialty competencies. The assessment creates an education plan that each certified nurse or nurse practitioner will follow for certification maintenance.   The education plan defines the number of CE hours needed in each specialty competency area in order to maintain certification.

Individuals maintaining between 2010-2013 participate as an orientation, the education plan is not binding.  But for those due to maintain in 2014 or later, maintenance can only be achieved by completing the specialty assessment and following their personalized education plan.

This program replaces the traditional maintenance program that required everyone to earn a set amount of CE regardless of need. Outcomes for the education plans to-date have shown that maintenance CE requirements will be less for nearly 50% of the certified  population.  For more information, visit  and click Continuing Competency Specialty Assessment in the green box.