NCC Announces Pass Rates for New Certification Exam Inpatient Antepartum Nursing. November 16, 2022

Chicago, IL – November 2022 – The National Certification Corporation (NCC) is pleased to announce the pass rates achieved for their newly launched CORE nursing certification exam and congratulates all candidates who were willing to test during the introductory phase of testing.

Inpatient Antepartum Nursing (RNC-IAP)
A competency-based examination that tests specialty knowledge and the application of that knowledge for licensed registered nurses in the US and Canada with a minimum of two years specialty experience in providing a coordinated approach to care, continued risk assessment and psychosocial support to hospitalized pregnant women during the antepartum period. Introductory testing is complete and 465 Inpatient Antepartum Nurses have tested, with an 82% pass rate.

Introductory phase registration for this exam was launched on February 1, 2022, with testing starting on February 15, 2022. More than 433 registered perinatal nurses tested during the introductory phase. This exam was completed by a large number of successful candidates which enabled psychometric analysis and standard setting to be completed earlier than anticipated. 

For an exam to meet rigorous national standards, a passing score cannot be arbitrarily selected. Passing scores must clearly differentiate candidates with special knowledge from those who cannot demonstrate such knowledge. The NCC test evaluation process is designed to meet the goal of assessing the specialty knowledge of registered nurses using psychometrically sound and legally defensible methods that support the overall testing goals of validity, reliability, and fairness. 

The completed examinations were analyzed based on psychometrics and national standard-setting teams reviewed the results. Based on the provided analysis and review, NCC scored and released the results for the introductory phase on April 15, 2022. This is the first national antepartum examination for nurses and NCC hopes there is enough interest to maintain this exam over time.  Registration for the examination is available on the NCC website.

ABOUT NCC: NCC is a non-profit organization committed to promoting quality health care to women, neonates and their families. NCC provides certification and educational programs for nurses, physicians and other licensed health care professionals in the obstetric, gynecologic and neonatal specialties. More than 205,000 licensed health care professionals have been awarded prestigious NCC certifications since its inception in 1975.