The NCC CCI Specialty Assessment February 14, 2013

Innovative - Personalized - and REQUIRED!
with more than 80,000 participants to-date

NCC's Continuing Competency Specialty Assessment has been completed by more than 80,000 certified nurses and nurse practitioners.

This innovative program individualizes maintaining certification based on a 125 question assessment keyed to core specialty competencies. You will earn 5 CE hours for taking the assessment. The CE hours are automatically added to  your online maintenance application.

The assessment creates a personalized education plan that each certified nurse or nurse practitioner must follow for their certification maintenance. Your education plan is stored in your NCC website account and defines the number of CE hours needed in each specialty competency area in order to maintain certification. Your education plan is disclosed to you and you ONLY.

If your maintenance date is in 2014, 2015 or beyond you are required to take the Specialty Assessment to develop your Education Plan - prior to earning any continuing education for your NCC certification maintenance. All CE must follow the educational plan and must be earned AFTER you take the Stage 2 Specialty Assessment.

A speicialty assessment is required at the beginning of all maintenance cycles for those certified in a core certification. 

If you have not done so . . . plan for your continuing education needs and take the Specialty Assessment NOW!

  1. Login to your personal account
  2. Click "Take Assessment" in the green Continuing Competency box
  3. Correct assessment is assigned by website
  4. Your Education Plan is generated by your completed assessment