The Continuing Competency Initiative in 4 easy steps! May 31, 2013

NCC has provided two new brochures to address questions and dispel myths about the new professional development certification maintenance program. This program involves four major steps to demonstrate continued knowledge of your core certification specialty knowledge competencies and is binding for any NCC certified individual with due dates in 2014, 2015 or beyond.

The first brochure contains
everything you need to know about CCI . . . in 4 easy steps:

Step 1 

Current Licensure

Step 2 

Complete a Specialty Assessment

Step 3 

Obtain an Education Plan

Step 4 

Earn & Document CE based on your Individualized Education Plan


The second brochure contains
education plan examples & explanations

  • See sample education plans for all NCC nursing specialties
  • Understand your specialty index and the effect it has on your CE needs
  • Learn about keywords - a helpful way to show knowledge gaps within a specific topic
  • Look through a short overview of a NCC online maintenance application

Visit the Continuing Competency Specialty Assessment section of to download your copies of these easy to read brochures and learn more about the Stage 2 Specialty Assessment & Education Plan