Don't miss out on these CE Modules! September 11, 2022

These CE modules will be discontinued at the end of the year.

NCC open book continuing education is an affordable and convenient way to maintain specialty knowledge competencies and keep abreast of the latest practice updates.

To keep these educational offerings current and relevant, NCC adds new modules throughout the year and removes modules at the end of every year. The expiration date for each module is posted on the order page.

Below are the modules that will expire on December 31, 2022.

These modules must be completed before 11:59 pm CST on 12/31/2022. If you have uncompleted WB22 modules, make sure to complete the post-tests before they expire. [CE certificates do not expire]

WB2201 Developmental Care
WB2205 Hypoxic-Ischemic Injury in Term Neonates
WB2207 Post NICU Discharge Follow-Up
WB2245 Birth Injuries In Newborns
WB2247 Managing Congenital Heart Disease in the Neonatal Period
WB2250 Vital Points About Neonatal Vital Signs
WB2251 Preterm Infants-Respirations & Oxygenation
WB2261 Neonatal NEC Update
WB2262 Neonatal Resuscitation Revisited
WB2264 Neonatal Seizures-The How, When, Why & What

WB2202 Care of the Parents Following Birth
WB2246 Potpourri-Maternal Newborn Style
WB2249 A Glance At Newborn Screening
WB2260 Sudden Unexpected Postnatal Collapse

WB2203 The Woman in Labor
WB2204 Significance of Uterine Activity and Myometrial Activation in Labor
WB2208 Placental Function In Maternofetal Exchange and Fetal Oxygenation
WB2209 Understanding the Stages of Labor by the Evidence
WB2210 Fetal Physiology
WB2211 Obstetric Ultrasound
WB2214 Prematurity: Prevention and Management
WB2215 Parturition Physiology
WB2218 Postpartum Hemorrhage Strategies for Management
WB2223 Intrapartum Emergencies
WB2226 High Risk Pregnancy Emergencies
WB2230 Viral Diseases in Pregnancy
WB2231 Disease Management in Pregnancy
WB2244 Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders

WB2263 Focus on Pediatric Burn Evaluation & Management

WB2216 Chronic Pain & The Opioid Epidemic
WB2217 Application of Neonatal Pharmacologic Principles
WB2221 Primary Care Pharmacology
WB2222 Drug Therapy for Comorbidities in Pregnancy
WB2248 Neonatal Pain & Sedation Pharmacology


WB2206 Technology and the Nurse Manager
WB2219 Approaches Supportive of Perinatal Patient Safety
WB2220 Focus on Neonatal Quality, Safety and Evidence-Based Care
WB2232 Takes More Than A Village-Maternal & Neonatal Healthcare Quality

WB2212 Bacterial Vaginosis
WB2213 Managing Vaginitis
WB2234 Health Disparities in Women's Health Care
WB2253 Primary Care in Women's Health

If you hold a CORE certification… Remember to take your specialty assessment - before earning CE! - make sure any CE planned for NCC maintenance is appropriate for your education plan!

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