The CCI Specialty Assessment - and your NCC Maintenance! October 31, 2014

NCC's Continuing Competency Specialty Assessment has been taken more than 90,000 times by certified nurses and nurse practitioners!

If you are certified in one of the core NCC specialties you must take your assessment to obtain your education plan….HAVE YOU DONE THIS YET?…..The educational plan that is developed outlines the CE used to maintain your certification. It is essential to have this education plan in place early in your certification cycle.

NCC views certification as a process that functions throughout an individual nurse or nurse practitioner's career. It reflects life-long learning, ongoing professional development and is supported by maintaining specialty knowledge competencies.

The standard process for the NCC Maintenance Program includes use of an assessment and the development of an education plan:

  1. Complete the assessment for your certification specialty at the beginning of each new certification maintenance cycle.
  2. Earn CE as specified by the education plan developed from the results of the assessment. The education plan outlines the CE needed to maintain your NCC certification. Only CE earned after the assessment has been taken can be used to maintain your certification. It must meet the CE needed in your educational plan.

This program provides continuing validation that NCC certified nurses and nurse practitioners maintain their specialty knowledge competencies based on current practice and examination content.

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