The reviews are in . . . Golden Hours is certain to become an essential resource November 26, 2014

The following review was provided by:
Annie Rohan, PhD, RNC, NNP/CPNP-BC
Director of Pediatric Research
Stony Brook University, School of Nursing, New York

Golden Hours – Care of the Very Low Birth Weight Infant, 1st Edition, is a concise yet comprehensive guide for nursing and medical care providers outlining the many issues involved in the care of the infant weighing less than 1500 grams at birth. This first edition provides essential information in 23 important areas, including fetal assessment, airway management, nutrition, fluids and electrolytes, emergencies, intraventricular hemorrhage, developmental support, transport, teamwork and communication. Full-color illustrations and numerous diagrams help to advance understanding and accelerate learning.

Few neonatal reference books attend to the need for structured yet flexible processes in caring for the very low birth weight (VLBW) infant. Throughout this book, an expert partnership of authors draws continuous attention to the need for reevaluating traditional systematic processes of assessment and intervention when caring for this fragile population.  In particular, the chapters on “Neonatal Assessment,” “Thermoregulation” and “Ethical Dilemmas” highlight the unique vulnerabilities of VLBW infants and provide practical, adaptable strategies for meeting their complex needs.

This first edition offers an appendix of important charts, tables and algorithms. This “Resource Toolbox” is sure to become an indispensible collection for practicing clinicians and adds to the value of the book as a handy, easy-to use clinical reference. Additionally, a chapter on neonatal procedures outlines key steps and calculations needed to perform emergency procedures in the VLBW infant. 

Golden Hours – Care of the Very Low Birth Weight Infant  is certain to become an essential resource for providers or students who desire a practical guide for considering the most common clinical situations and problems that arise when delivering neonatal intensive care for the VLBW infant. The outline format supports methodical deliberation of differential diagnosis, systematic problem solving and organized attention to the totality of care. The book is a first-rate resource for neonatal nurse practitioners, especially those who are preparing for certification examination.  Neonatal nurses, pediatric residents and neonatal emergency providers will also find the content to be relevant and useful. The book’s portability, concise yet comprehensive content and appendix materials make it an ideal addition to the ready-resource collection of any intensive or special care nursery, neonatal stabilization unit or infant-designated ambulance. 

Golden Hours: Care of the Very Low Birth Weight Infant
ISBN 978-0-9890198-1-1
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