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Spotlight on NCC’s Electronic Fetal Monitoring Interprofessional Certification – Magnet Approved!
December 15, 2022
Nationally accredited by the National Commission of Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and Magnet Approved! Available to test through Live Remote Proctoring (LRP)! NCC’s Electronic Fetal Monitoring (C-EFM®) interprofessional certification is for li…more
NCC's Neonatal Pediatric Transport Interprofessional Certification - Recommended in CAMTS and Magnet Approved!
December 2, 2022
NCC's Neonatal Pediatric Transport (C-NPT®) certification is approved by Magnet and recommended in the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) Eleventh Edition Standards! The Neonatal Pediatric Transport (C-NPT®) cert…more
Earn Free CE with NCC’s Pretest Program!
December 2, 2022
If you are certified by NCC you can earn FREE CE by participating in the Pretest Program. Pretesting 50 questions in your specialty will earn 1 hour CE! CE is earned by simply completing the pretest. This FREE program allows NCC to collect data on ne…more
CERTIFICATION COUNTS - Treat yourself this Holiday Season!
December 1, 2022
Display your specialty knowledge with new NCC swag. Visit NCC’s store at to customize apparel and accessories to demonstrate your certification.…more
Learn about upcoming changes to Magnet – ABSNC, NCCA and or ISO 17024 accreditation equals Magnet Approved!
November 28, 2022
In January 2022, the Magnet Recognition Program® stopped updating its “Magnet Approved List” and instead directs customers to use the accredited professional board certifications found on ABSNC, NCCA, and ISO 17024. Starting January 2…more
Spotlight on NCC's new Inpatient Antepartum Nursing exam!
November 22, 2022
The first national antepartum examination for nurses! Inpatient Antepartum Nursing (RNC-IAP) This core nursing certification is for nursing professionals that work in antepartum units providing care to pregnant women – before the baby is delive…more
NCC Announces Pass Rates for New Certification Exam Inpatient Antepartum Nursing.
November 16, 2022
Chicago, IL – November 2022 – The National Certification Corporation (NCC) is pleased to announce the pass rates achieved for their newly launched CORE nursing certification exam and congratulates all candidates who were willing to test d…more
NCC Celebrates WHNPs and NNPs! Happy National Nurse Practitioner Week – November 13-19, 2022
November 12, 2022
Since March of 2020, both Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioners (WHNP) and Neonatal Nurse practitioners (NNP) have had to adjust to many changes in health care due to the pandemic. Neonatal nurse practitioners have had to protect fragile newb…more
Spotlight on NCC’s Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Certification - Magnet approved!
October 28, 2022
NCC’s Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing (RNC-NIC®) certification is the largest NCCA accredited, and Magnet-approved certification for NIC nurses. The Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing (RNC-NIC®) certification focuses on the care of the hig…more
The 2023 NCC Board Nominations is now closed
October 10, 2022
2023 Board Nominations SlateThe 2023 slate of nominees for the NCC Board of Directors and the NCC Representative to the Nominating Committee is now closed. The nominee slate is posted for your review. No other individuals were put forward by a petiti…more