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Verification of certification

NCC Certified or Subspecialty Certificate Holders

For those holding an NCC credential, you can send a verification of your certification via the email option to your state board, employer or to anyone that requires primary source verification - meaning the entity that is requesting the verification from you wants the verification to come from NCC directly rather from you. State board emails are available on the order page. All state boards accept our online verifications.

If you want a personal copy of official documentation of your NCC credential, you can download a copy from your NCC profile at any time.

Newly certified? If you have recently become certified, you CANNOT send a verification until you have received your official results in your NCC account.  This can take up to 15 business days after taking the exam.  Once you have received your results in your account, you can request your verification.

Recently maintained? Your new date will not be available until after your application has been processed and reviewed. DO NOT request a verification until your new date is indicated in your account. 

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Employers or Other Third Parties 

Employers can also use this system to request verification of certification for their employees.

NCC does NOT send verifications by mail, or fax. NCC does not provide phone verification.  The online verification system is the only means of obtaining a primary source verification of certification.  Through this system, you will be able to directly look up, print, or send email verification of your certification.

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  • Look up only: view only at the time of purchase $10 (no printing)
  • Look up & download (print) a copy:  $20
  • Look up and email to a third party: $30

Verification request receipts 

If you need a receipt for your past verification requests, we can send you a copy. Provide the email you made your request under, and we will email you all the verification requests in our system from the past six months. 

If you have an NCC account, receipts for your most recent verification requests are available in your online profile Order History.

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